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When it comes to constructing chimney and fireplace components, relying on educated and experienced techs is imperative. Just knowing the basics isn’t good enough – it’s important to know how the system vents, how the parts need to fit, and what can happen if even the slightest issue comes up.

In this industry, small miscalculations can turn into gas leaks, smoke in the home, and house or chimney fires – and those aren’t risks we’re willing to take.

Trust Our Industry Experts for It All

We work with thousands of chimneys every year and have decades of experience in the field. And, because this is an industry that’s always evolving and improving, you can bet we work hard to stay educated and up to date on any developments or news.

We hold certifications and associations with the following:

If you’re seeking a team that knows chimneys inside-out and bottom to top, we’re it.

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If you’re happy with the care you received from Chimline, make our sister company – Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney – your trusted crew for chimney and fireplace care.

Felgemacher has over 50 years of experience and staffs qualified, CSIA certified sweeps the can assist with inspections, sweepings, repairs, installation work, and more. Call today to get scheduled!

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